10 unusual & inspiring libraries in Poland


How to effectively encourage people to visit libraries more often? One of the way can be building such architectonically interesting building that you would love to visit. Nowadays, modern libraries become diversified public-oriented culture-promoting centres.

Thanks to the European Union funds, Poland built a number of XXI century libraries all around the country, close to the most important eduacational centres.

There are two most famous libraries located in largest cities in Poland: the Jagiellonian library in Kraków, build in XIV century and the second one, considered the most modern, Library of Warsaw University, located in the capital city of Poland. The Jagiellonian one is worth noticing, as it’s collection has been created more than 600 years ago.

If you are planning to study in Europe, take a look at fantastic libraries you will have chance to use: 10 unusual libraries in Poland.

Source: culture.pl



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