The cultural side of studying in Poland

National Museum Warsaw

Education can be one of the reasons to come to Poland, but culture is definitely another good one. There are plenty museums and galleries in the capital of Poland – Warsaw. Among them famous – Warsaw Uprising Museum, Museum of Modern Art and Museum of Polish Jews. Some of the museums are being held in historical buildings – for instance The Wilanow Palace Museum (in Baroque Royal Residence) or Museum of The Royal Castle in Warsaw. One of the greatest of them all is National Museum located in the city center of Warsaw. During past few years museum collections have been greatly enriched with a number of precious works. More about the collections you can read in the article from website.

Moreover, you do not need to spend a single eurocent on enjoying art in Warsaw. Depending on the museum and gallery, most offer free admissions on certain days during the week. Eg. National Museum does not charge for tickets on Tuedays, while most other museums have free entrance on Thursday.

If you are in Warsaw now, or you are coming shortly in February, keep in mind that recently, from 2014 to 2016, the National Museum in Warsaw’s collections have been greatly enriched with a number of precious works. Most were bought or donated, while historical treasures lost during World War II returned to the museum as well. To mark the occasion, the museum has created a special new show – to find more about it, please visit the National Museum’s website.



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